PointForward Recognized as “Must-Have Sales Solution” by SmartSellingTools.com

PointForward Recognized as “Must-Have Sales Solution” by SmartSellingTools.com

We are proud to announce that PointForward, our video-based training and coaching solution, has been named one of the “Top Selling Tools of 2016” by SmartSellingTools.com.  This recognition is awarded by Nancy Nardin, a nationally-renowned thought leader who focuses on sales and marketing enablement software.

You can learn more about PointForward and the other recipients by reviewing the complete 2016 Top Selling Tools Guide.


About PointForward


PointForward is a video-based training, practice, and reinforcement solution for the modern salesforce.  The underlying technology allows sales leaders to rapidly move new hires from familiarization to productivity, reduce overall training expenses, increase the number of training touchpoints, and share best practice examples across their organization.

PointForward provides a structured approach to training and developing your most valuable asset – the frontline salesforce.  If your current sales training program feels like it’s wandering off target, PointForward can provide the direction needed to get everyone moving forward together again.


Solving the Problem of Sales Training Effectiveness


Unfortunately, most sales organizations do a poor job of continuously developing their sales teams. Sales training may be done as part of new hire onboarding or once a year at the annual kick-off event, but without consistent follow-up these messages are quickly forgotten. Even in organizations with robust training programs, there may still be a lack of effective practice or a poor coaching culture.  Research tells us that, as a result of the shortcomings above, the vast majority of “traditional” sales training content just doesn’t stick.

PointForward addresses this issue through structured learning tracks, scenario-based video challenges, and a social community where peers can collaborate and provide feedback to one another.  Frequent training and coaching touchpoints are built in to each track, resulting in greater retention of key training concepts and a higher volume of the 1-to-1 time and attention reps need to perform at their very best.

The value of PointForward extends beyond training and into practical application of selling skills.  Our software enables sales teams to learn, practice, and coach in scenarios that replicate real selling situations they will experience in the field.  Learning the hard lessons in a controlled, virtual training environment gives reps the skills and confidence they need to excel in those “moments of truth,” where the product and the sales rep must both deliver on the expectations of their prospect.


About Smart Selling Tools


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