We’re tired of seeing sales tools go unused. We’ve built an easy to use platform that enables sales training, practice, and coaching while taking the risk out of your sales stack investment.

Video Based Sales Training Solution


Build your programs

  • Train from any content including videos, .pdfs, .pptx
  • Assess learning via quizzes and reinforcement exercises
  • Structured learning tracks for on-boarding and certifications

Deploy training based on individual needs

  • Personalize individual or group learning experiences
  • Tailor training to specific skills or selling situations
  • Enable trainers and managers to source best practices from field

Measure and benchmark progress and performance

  • Validate training impact via quizzes and reinforcement exercises
  • Award certification and badge completions
  • Analyze engagement vs. actual performance


Apply skills to real world scenarios

  • Apply selling skills to real world scenarios
  • Source best practices to handle actual customer situations
  • Reinforce training sessions through application exercises

Redefine your product and solution training

  • Apply product training to actual customer situation
  • Ensure knowledge transfer with video-based product demonstrations
  • Scale how product knowledge is deployed to your salesforce

Master the messages to your buyers

  • Align your sales messaging with the stages of the buyer’s journey
  • Master the awareness and education phase of the sales process
  • Handle the toughest objections
Sales Training Product
Sales Training Product


Provide structured feedback to your reps

  • Simple structure makes it easy to give coaching feedback
  • Score reps using a customized rating systems for your team
  • Video annotation for when more precise feedback is require

Measure your team’s capabilities and performance

  • Build customized scoring rubrics to consistently assess skills
  • Define competency benchmarks and measure improvement
  • Measure the impact of your training ROI

Make best practices, common practice

  • Define ‘what good looks like’ based on top performers
  • Share best practices among team members
  • Increase engagement with social learning and gamification
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