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Developed in collaboration with the Sales Institute at Florida State University, our sales training video library is the complete guide to modern day consultative sales and includes topics like effective prospecting with social media, navigating a sales discovery conversation, selling with insights, and many more. The courses are rich with examples and timely discussions from real selling situations to help you apply the tools and concepts from the courses to the real-world sales situations and facing your team right now.

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Succeeding in the New World of Sales
The Evolving Sales Profession
To Sell is Human
Tapping into Your Buyer’s Social Style
Clues to Identifying Buyer Social Styles
Selling to Different Social Styles
Understanding the Buying Center
Why Buyers Buy
Tracking the Buyer’s Journey
Finding the Best Leads
Prospecting Myths Busted 
Secrets to Generating More Leads
Managing Your Sales Funnel for More Sales
Diagnosing the Health of Your Pipeline
Preparing for Telephone Prospecting
Getting Past the Gatekeeper
Turn Cold Calls into Warm Calls
Techniques to Improve Cold Calling
Don’t Sabotage Your Cold Calls
Leverage the Strength of Referals
Crafting an Effective LinkedIn Profile
Prospecting with LinkedIn Groups 
Leveraging LinkedIn Company Pages
Harness the Power of Social Media
Elevating Sales Meeting Effectiveness
Creating a Successful Meeting Plan 
Leaving No Doubt
Successfully Start the Sales Conversation
Engaging Prospects in 15 Seconds
Diagnosing Customer Needs

GOALS Approach to Discovery 
General Condition Questions
Obstacles, Opportunities & Outlay Questions
Accomplishment Questions
Leverage Questions
Summary & Solution Questions
In Action: GOALS-based Discovery
The Power of Stories
Sales Boost: Selling With Stories 
Match Product Features to Buyer Needs
Presenting Product with Credibility
Use a Customer Value-Driven Approach
Create a Stronger Value Proposition
A Model for Delivering Insight
TALE: Talking Points
TALE: Audience
TALE: Layout
TALE: Experiment
Understanding Customer Objections 
3 Steps to Handling Objections
Planning for Customer Objections
Hierarchy of Closes
Mastering the Basics of Negotiation
Locking in Customer Relationships
Service After the Sale
Avoiding the Customer Satisfaction Trap 
Maximizing Your Account Portfolio
What’s Key About Key Accounts?
Adopting a Winning Attitude
Check Your Ego at the Door
Embrace Your Role in Sales
Projecting a Professional Image
Becoming a Disciplined Time Manager 
Working Smarter, Not Harder
Take Control Over Your Time
The Power of Resilience
Getting Out of a Slump 
Chasing Greatness: A Loss Isn’t Always a Loss
Building Win-Win Relationships
Ethical Behavior in Sales
Doing the Right Thing
Strategies for Entertaining in Sales

Unlocking Complex Deals

Escalating Win Rates with Better Fit

Moving Prospects Off Status Quo 

Guiding Buyers in Solution Development

Why You and Your Solution

Avoiding the Curse of Overconfidence

Deal Strategy Pitfalls

Mastering the Basics of Negotiation

Negotiation Strategies That Work

Negotiate, Don’t Haggle

Testing Your Negotiation Skills


What’s Different About Sales Management?
The Big Picture: A Model Sales Person Performance
Optimizing the Size of Your Sales Team
Designing & Managing Sales Territories
Assessing Your Territory Structure
Building a Sales Channel Strategy
Defining The Right Sales Metrics
Drivers of Sales Rep Performance
Subjective Sales Performance Metrics
Objective Sales Performance Metrics
Introduction to Effective Pipeline Management
Diagnosing the Health of Your Pipeline
Challenges in Recruiting and Selecting
Getting the Job Description Right
A Data-Driven Approach to Sourcing New Sales Talent
Screening for the Right Attributes
Inside the Mind of the Millenial Recruit
Avoiding Common Onboarding Failures
Getting New Rep Onboarding Right
Creating a Strong Onboarding Process
Building New Hire Connections
Building New Hire Commitment
Building New Hire Capabilities
Onboarding Lessons from the Field
The Secrets to Motivating Sales Reps
Moving Beyond Personal Gain
Motivating without Money
The Art and Science of Motivation
Motivation Wisdom from Lombardi
10 Common Traps for Sales Managers
Similarities Between Coaching and Selling
Observing Rep Performance
Evaluating Customer Trust Issues in Your Reps
Common Pitfalls for Novice and Experienced Reps
Managing Salesperson Behaviorial Biases
GOALS Model of Sales Coaching
Overview of Process, Payoff and Foreshadowing stories in Coaching
Handling rep objections in coaching conversations
Elements of a good action plan
ThinkLab: What Does a Great Coach Look Like?
Four Common Sales Training Mistakes
What is Sales Training?
Building a Systematic Strategy for Sales Training
Measuring Sales Training Success
Developing the Right Selling Knowledge in Reps
Effective Sequencing of Sales Training
Check Your Ego at the Door
Take Control Over Your Time
Becoming a Disciplined Sales Manager
Doing the Right Thing
Chasing Greatness A Loss isn’t always a loss
Coffee with Closers: Jon Pace
Coffee with Closers: Mark Kramer